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How To Enter A 20 Billion Market Potential


Cannabite LifeLong


Cannabite LifeLong is a new startup in the New breaking out Medical Cannabis research for dental treatment. Our work helps commercialize the great breakthroughs in medical marijuana in the field of dentistry.


As with any investor, it could be estimated that the angel investor would simply set his money into a small business that could provide the lowest hazard on his investment. That is reflected from the investment decisions such an investor would create, particularly in the types of merchandise or services that a company provides. In the last few years, the taste of angel investors has been around medical instruments and medically related services, including medical billing companies.The new star in the investment field is the Marijuana industry’s.Future is bright, MJBizCon speakers say.Published in marijuanabizdaily.

Consequently, entrepreneurs that choose to get into organizations that use medical cannabis and provide medically related services are finding it just a little bit simpler to find the interest of angel investors. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean anyone who makes the decision to go into these sorts of organizations would find an angel investor to speculate only like that, as there are things that entrepreneurs will need to do first before they are able to register a deal with an angel investor, or VC.

What angel investors Search for

Besides an introducing a possibly profitable product or service, businessmen need to prepare several matters and equip themselves with several skills that would improve their likelihood of landing a deal with an angel investor. Among these skills, probably one of the very essence is competent management skills. Along with this, an entrepreneur needs a great business plan, that identifies how big the market, the competitive advantage of his company, and fiscal forecasts.

One of the most innovative and between the first worldwide in the Medical Cannabis – Dentistry is Cannabite Life Long project due to patent lawyers Dr Joe Wyse from  Dr. Eyal Bressler & Co. Ltd.Tel Aviv Israel .ence of 23 years in the clinical dental field and brings in innovative therapeutic approaches true usage of the Medical Cannabis properties, with an extraordinary ability to heal millions around the world from dental pain and dental related diseases. Founder of Cannabite LifeLong is a multifaceted clinician and entrepreneur, without borders or limits.Holding several licenses in EU, Middle East skilled and studied in many European countries, USA, Canada.

The founder’s desire to help the society and approach goals within Cannabite Life Long project is pivotal with a tremendous ability for huge change for the Dental industry, due to leaders in the medical cannabis market.Working in Collaboration with dental office in Belgium named Euro Dent Belgie 


Ground-breaking Research In The Applications Of Cannabis In The Dental Field


We use the active part of Cannabis to treat dental illnesses and restore health to patients. Our solutions, built on emerging medical research, relies on the natural extracts of the plant with healing properties and the human bodies endocanaboid system.

Investors are welcomed to check this unique opportunity, that will solve many peoples suffer round the globe

To date, we have successfully gathered the scientific data on which our products build. Our clinical research facility is established and has yielded strong insights enabling us to move forward with a patent for our initial Cannabite solution.

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